karson777's website

a simple website to not rely on big tech

find me here👇


Here is my youtube channel which I use mainly because thats where the people are, if you are using youtube I reccommend watching my videos through an invidious instance or on odysee where you don't get ads or tracked by google.


Here is my odysee channel so I don't have to rely on google to host all my videos, if you don't want to use javascript check out librarian and choose and instance.


Here is my fosstodon profile, whatever way you refer mastodon this is where I will be on the fediverse until I feel like switching to another server.

matrix server

Here is my matrix channel so I don't force people to use propreitary programs like discord to chat with one another.


Here is my github where I have repositories of my projects. eventually I'll want to move these over to my own gitlab instance so I won't have to rely on other corperations to host my git repositories.

quick note for youtube/odysee viewers

I am still in school, so the videos aren't always my #1 priority. when I can make videos I will but please be understanding if I don't get videos out on a normal schedule.

future plans for karson777.xyz

Eventually, I want to start using hugo to write simple markdown files to more easily make static sites without bloated javascript. This site will always be minimal and accessible to users without the need for all that extra crap. This way I can have an RSS feed and worry about the content of the site, not the technical stuff